Jill and Ari are getting HITCHED!!!

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

4 o’clock in the afternoon

Our Story

Jill and Ari met 10 years ago while working on their art sculpture projects after hours. Jill was a shy college freshman finding her feet in the world. Ari was an outgoing curly-haired jack of all trades. They seemed to come into each-others’ lives at the perfect time. Jill was intrigued with his way with language, kindness, and ability to thrive at anything he put his mind to. Ari was charmed by her confidence, natural beauty, and nurturing presence.

They were instantly wildly in love. About 1.5 years later, they made the best decision ever and adopted their beloved Zen, and have since added 3 other furry friends to their pack. Their little family has brought them unimaginable joy, support, and responsibility. They have snorkeled in Greece, hiked the jungle in Costa Rica, sailed in the Caribbean, forged rivers in Alaska, scuba-dived the Bloody Bay Wall, and backpacked throughout mountains, forests, deserts, and along coast.

After graduation from Puget Sound, Jill and Ari moved to Utah, back to Washington, out to Minnesota, and have now landed in Central Oregon. Since meeting, they have learned and grown a whole lot. Jill received her doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2017 and is now a practicing emergency veterinarian. Ari has transformed into an amazing Alaskan fisherman, carpenter, and metal-smith. Ari decided to put his new skills to use and placed a golden ring on Jill’s finger about 9 years later while on a canoe adventure! … And here we are asking you to join us in celebration of this wonderful love and commitment.